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🐊 Reptile Rapids

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Help the baby allogators journey down the river to see their friends!

Let's go!

How to Play!

Complete all the levels in order to collect rewards.

Remember, each tiers gives out boosters and some of the boosters are rechargeable boosters 🙂

⏳ The event starts today, 8th of May and ends on the 14th of May!

How do I crack an egg and collect an alligator?

The alligator is made by matching, cracking and opening the alligator egg in the same way as the baby chick.

Match three nested alligator eggs to produce one alligator egg.

Match three alligator eggs to create a cracked alligator egg.

Finally, match three cracked alligator eggs to release the baby alligator!

Pro Tip: The shovel and egg-cracker boosters can also be used to crack eggs.

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🐊 Reptile Rapids 35 votes

Beautiful! Love the graphics
ThmoPummyRajDoris_KochbearwithmeSpinnifixjeanpsMiladyRmaf34100MountainMomme6412rebelchildPalash_SarmabramamNico_GShagunproashilyasteeweiping 17 votes
The rewards are great
SabrinaM 1 vote
I love collecting the 🐊 alligators
sinalcoTerri_1Bellamy32LolaLoquacious 4 votes
Collecting the alligators is not my favorite feature... (please comment why)
DieOmimiMollySRacoon7 3 votes
I find the rewards are poor... (please comment why)
Lady_ChooLa Ley 2 votes
I don't have the event
Maja_NikolicWerner_CichyBQN537LoveDachsgalaxyangelurskarecnikPrincess_JessicaJose65_6 8 votes


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