lvl 9 on the Rancid mini game completed, here's what to expect...

bjkeoughbjkeough Posts: 33 Level 2
If you think 122 apples,  22 firecrackers and 14 flowers is hard... Well, to complete this board my last flower was knocked off by the 60'th firecracker. . I had to use quite a few boosters, I've accumulated lots from doing tons of quests (how I wish I had been saving up shovels!)... On my way to a million beans without accepting any from friend requests. 😁. As usual this level nine can't be completed without boosters, IMO.  As far as levels 1-8, I only used the three bean shovels till lvl 8.  I had to use a few to gather all the required cropies.  However, on lvl 9 I was spam clicking boosters, lol. 

Well, at least the board is beatable... No amount of boosters could help you on lvl 18 of Let It Snow... Maybe about a hundred shovels... But really, who in their right mind would buy boosters for real money when you lose all your boosters when your device crashes.

I put a screenshot of completed level nine on my FB page, set to public.  My name is Bonnie J Keough.


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