Playing with Friends! We want your feedback!

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Hello Farmers!

Your opinion matters to us. To make your game the best it can be, we want your feedback regarding Playing with Friends!

We want to know what would you like to do with friends in your game. What social interactions or game activities would you like to experience with others?

Any ideas you would like to suggest to the Studio?

Have you seen anything in other King games that you would like to see on Farm Heroes Saga game?

Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here



  • FleurdeslisFleurdeslis Posts: 3
    I don't play with friends other than assisting when requested
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 9,410 Superstar
    I would like the options for episode race etc to be optional. I don't play to compete with friends, although I own up to smug smirks of satisfaction when I go past someone I know used a lot of boosters. I like to play for me. 
    It would be nice if we could get lives in other ways other than friends or gold as that would solve the Facebook issue. 
    I am really boring, I am the last person who should have an opinion on being social ;) 
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    Farm Heroes need your feedback!

    Pass a hard level and win bars!

    I am Chicken Slayer.  Farm Heroes addict slaying Chickens since 2013. Wife, Mother, Blogger, Youtuber,  all while endlessly trying to defeat an evil raccoon or the children. Younger versions of their dad and I. We have no chance! 
  • gosiaabramczyk123gosiaabramczyk123 Posts: 9
    Where are my disappeared quests???!!! My friends got them a week ago,  why I don't have???
  • joiceeannejoiceeanne Posts: 4
    I would like to be able to share beans and/or gold with other players.  It would also be fun to be able to pick challengers by inviting one or more friends to compete on a special event board.  Friends could accept or decline the invitation within a certain time so the game is not held up.  I would also like to be able to search for friends by name to see what level they are on and be able to communicate on a sideboard, like a chat box.  I have introduced people to the game and they are so far behind me on levels they couldn't catch up (I have been playing for over 5 years) but it would be great if there was a way to connect with them and compete. 
  • Shannon1Shannon1 Posts: 7
    How come I don't have honey harvest? 
  • ArtilessaArtilessa Posts: 5
    Like playing with friends,just wish my team was more active. 😁
  • terymoterymo Posts: 1
    I am so upset. I don't want to play with friends and there doesn't seem to be a way to remove it. I like my privacy and was forced to join others in order to play. Level 55 has changed dramatically. It's reduced in size and now it's impossible to complete it. I've played for years and it's ruined
  • Shannon1Shannon1 Posts: 7
    You have to play with friends in order to get beans to pass the levels
  • TiffaniR13TiffaniR13 Posts: 1
    I want a new team. Only 1 person on my team is playing. How can I join a new team?
  • Shannon1Shannon1 Posts: 7
    Well...I made friends from face book
  • rbisnett14rbisnett14 Posts: 1
    Other King games have made it easy to accept gifts/requests with check boxes and an accept all button which accepts gifts, sends requests, and only accepts the lives required to fill you up and saves the rest for later. I find that accepting anything in this game is very tedious. It takes a long time to process each and I can't keep up. Please make an easier way to send/receive gifts with friends. 

    Thank you

  • evadennyevadenny Posts: 9
    I would love to play with my friend if the would actully play
  • Shannon1Shannon1 Posts: 7
    You have to be connected to fb. 
  • syliasylia Posts: 8
    I would like to give boosters or beans with my friends
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