How to find the game version?

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How do I find the version of the game?


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    Hi @dwb, which device are you playing on? 

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  • dwbdwb Posts: 71 ✭✭
    @PummyRaj gave two ways to find for the game version on an iOS device.

    1 Go to "Settings" ---> General ---> Storage --->  List of all the Apps displaying which App takes how much space will be showed --->  Tap on Farm Heroes App --->  You will see the version.  

    In iOS v7.1.2 the way is -->  Settings --> General --> Usage --> Farm Heroes... 

    2 Open the "App Store" --->  all of the games that we have installed will be listed there --->  Select "Farm Heroes Saga" ---> Do not click on Open, but just tap on the name of the game --->  Details of the App will be displayed

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