My Quest for 900 leaves is not working. Anyone know how to fix this?

wonderwoman1966wonderwoman1966 Posts: 3
Instead of getting 3 new quests when all are completed, I only get 2 because I am stuck with a malfunctioning one.


  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 3,950 Community Manager
    Hi wonderwoman1966! Welcome to the Farm Heroes community :waving:

    Are you playing the game on Facebook, or on a mobile device?
    If you're on mobile then start by checking for updates on your app store.
  • wonderwoman1966wonderwoman1966 Posts: 3
    Thanks for taking the time to help me.  I checked the App Store and no updates for now.  I have the game on my ipad.  Any other tip?
  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 3,950 Community Manager
    You could try checking the game connection. Easiest way is to start the game, disconnect from Facebook, reboot your iPad, then start the game and reconnect to Facebook.

    Another option is to re-install the game. However this process will delete any unused boosters and lives in the game. Re-installing the game will most probably solve the issue but I can't recommend it if you have accumulated many boosters.
  • wonderwoman1966wonderwoman1966 Posts: 3
    Thanks again.  For some reason, it looks like it’s working now! So far, it has accumulated 99 leaves but I am sure it was more than that or I might have completed this quest already. I am currently on Level 1102 and it does not have leaves so I cannot check for now if it REALLY works. Thank God I don’t have to reinstall the game.
  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 3,950 Community Manager

    Thanks for the update 👍 I'm glad to hear you've got the game back to working correctly 😊

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