The game has not given me my coins that I win. It has been stuck at 495 coins for at least a month

lmyers777lmyers777 Posts: 1
Please fix it.


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,307 Community Moderator
    Hi @lmyers777 and welcome to our Community 😃

    Looking at your game records, you have been receiving a lot of Coins. On 01/07/19, 04:55:23 you received 200 and it gave you a total of 495 jut like you mentioned above.

    On 04/07/19, 07:33:35, your game received 100 then another 100 Coins on the same day giving you a total of 695.

    On 04/07/19, 07:34:31, 500 Coins got used to purchase Shovels so you now have a total of 195 Coins left in the game.

    All looks good from our side and hope this clears out any doubts 🤗

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