My game is missing Level 1556

karhumkarhum Posts: 7
I can’t move off of Level 1556. It skips from Level 1555 to 1557. 

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  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 4,071 Superstar
    Hello @karhum, Hearty Welcome to the Farm Heroes Super section of our friendly King Community :) 

    I am sorry to hear about the issue in your game and I have not seen any other players complaining about it!!  

    I will tag our Community In-charge @QueenB to look into it and find out what they can about the issue.  They will be back at the office only tomorrow.  

    In the mean time, please post below details --
    1) The device you are using to play the game --
    2) Are you logged into the game through Facebook OR King account?
    3) Your game user ID number... here is a link to find it

    ** If you are logged into the game ONLY with Facebook, it will be a different procedure to find your ID!  Please let me know and I can give you another way :+1:

    Also, can you tell us when you said "Skipping" -- do you not see the level # 1556 on the Map itself? OR when you click on "Play" or "Next", is it just taking you to # 1557?

    TO post back, tap on "Type your Comment" box located below.  

    Looking forward to talk to you further!  Have a nice rest of the day =)
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  • karhumkarhum Posts: 7
    There is no level 1556 on my game. I have tried to send you photos. I am not connected with Facebook. I will go look for my UserID and send it to you shortly. Thank for responding to me. 
  • karhumkarhum Posts: 7
    Rah. My UserID is 8381054220
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,355 Community Moderator
    Oh my, this is new 🧐

    @karhum Can you tell me which game app version you have installed and have you by any chance tried reinstalling the game app? 

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here

  • karhumkarhum Posts: 7
    Version 1.23.4. How do I reinstall???
  • karhumkarhum Posts: 7
    Reinstall worked. Thank you Bee
  • karhumkarhum Posts: 7
    I lost all of my free help tokens tho. I had 100 of the add five points thingy’s, two gloves and two of the collect all of one color thingy’s. 
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