Level 1584 is a repeat of one already played

ShredkingShredking Posts: 5
Hi there. Level 1584 is coming up as a repeat of one I've already played with hay, carrots, apples and nuts. Is that just a glitch on how mine is loading or an app-wide issue? I'm not going to attempt to trawl back and find which one it is, but if you can tell me what I'm seeing is correct and what you think it should be, or not, that would be great. It also happened at the beginning of this group of levels - 1573 - but that seemed to change - although looking back at it now - it's gone back to the old one again. Weird. 


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,352 Community Moderator
    Welcome to our Community @Shredking ;😃

    Can I have a screenshot of your game board so I can have a look? Also, which device are you playing on and what is the game app version you have installed?

    For any guidance, please visit this useful website: www.take-a-screenshot.org

    Thanks :) 

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here

  • ShredkingShredking Posts: 5
    Screenshot attached. Level 1588 now also one I’ve already done. Screenshot of that one attached also. Something very weird is going on. I deleted the app and started again yesterday but that hasn’t helped. 
  • ShredkingShredking Posts: 5
    Playing on IOS device. Sorry, don’t know how to find the app version. 
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,352 Community Moderator
    Thanks @Shredking!

    So the studio confirms that they are doing a test by reusing some levels. How long this test will run for, they don't know yet so you might run in to more levels that looks familiar.

    So there are no issues with the game and I'll be happy to pass on any feedback you may have.

    Hope this clears out any doubts 😉

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here

  • ShredkingShredking Posts: 5
    Well I’m happy to hear that at least I’m not going mad. But I have to say it’s frustrating having to repeat the levels. Not sure what tests they’re running but it is slightly annoying! That would be my only feedback for them..........   
  • hannahbell86hannahbell86 Posts: 4
    I was wondering the same thing, because it seems I’ve played a lot of repeated levels lately. Idk what kind of “tests” they claim to be running, but I don’t want to keep playing the same levels over again. If you aren’t going to put out new levels, then I’ll play something else. 
  • lindaloulindalou Posts: 1
    The TESTS seem to be running and running and running. I like this game but I'm going two steps forward and three steps back. PLEASE fix this...I WANT TO PLAY MY GAME!!!!!

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