babygirl210babygirl210 Posts: 1
i like to know why all the games that i play on are loading so slow


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 4,071 Superstar
    Hello @babygirl210, Hearty Welcome to the Farm Heroes Super Saga section of our friendly King Community :) 

    Are you playing on a Laptop OR a mobile device?  If you are playing on PC, make sure there is good internet connection and if you are on Mobile gadget, make sure there is strong WiFi signal for your games to load!! 

    As per my experience, Internet connection is only the reason that slows down the loading while playing on!!  For me, only Diamond Diaries take a while to load all the time!!  But, because it is the same with all the King games, I am sure that it is the Internet Connection that is causing this issue!!  

    Usually, Facebook tends to crash often which, but that is not case here =)  

    Please let me know what your thoughts are!!  If you tap on "Type your Comment" box located below, you will be able to write back :+1: 
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