Can anyone help me with level #389? How do i get the goat to jump to the hay?

georgia26750027georgia26750027 Posts: 1 New Bee

Cabn anyone help me with level #389? I cant figure out how to get the goat to jump to the hay.


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    Hello @georgia26750027 Hearty Welcome to our wonderful King Community πŸ€—

    It has been a while since I have passed level # 389! I can go back to play to check it out (but, I need some time πŸ˜„)

    In the mean time, does the level has "clouds" that are covering the Cropsies? If so, you will have to "activate" the clouds to give a jolt to the Goat to jump from it's place on to the Hay.

    Here! I found a video made by one of my friends. It is quite old, but you will get the idea on "how to move the goat" ---> YouTube Video for level # 389 of FHSS

    If you need any further help, please let me know, so that I can play the level and give you tips. You can simply type your reply in the comment box given below.

    All the Best with your level and keep having fun in your game(s)! 🍐 πŸ₯•

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