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A Guide on Boosters!

Watering Can Booster

It can turn the selected crop into super crop.


1.If the crop you select is target in that level,its value will "+5" each time.

2.It can also used to removed a crop if that crop is not target in that level.

Collection Basket Booster

It can remove all of cropsie in one color on the board.


1.Beacuse this kind of booster may involve bigger scale than others,use it carefully.

2.It is the only booster can remove leaves.(current version)

Gardening Glove Booster

It can remove the selected crop and ice,flower,bush(one stage each time) etc.


1.You can collect Darwin's Hay by selecting him.(Its effect equal to "activate his super power")

2.You can collect Fidget's nut by selecting him.(Its effect equal to "activate his super power",so judge whether those nuts are in the range of Fidget's super power before using it.)

How to get boosters


(a)You can buy Gardening Gloves and Watering Can with coins and gold bars.

(b)You can buy Collection Baskets only with gold bars.

2.Daily Challenge

(a)You have a chance to get all kind of boosters "x1" in every Thuesday,Thursday and Saturday.

(b)You have a chance to get more coins in every Monday.

There are 3880 levels in FHS,2890 levels in FHSS in lastest version.

FHSS guides about Country Show(part1),(part2),boosters and prevent a glitch of goats.

My ideas

FHS:The special round,Animal Companion

FHSS:Super Showdown,Country Show

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