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Things to know about Country Show!(part 2)

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Something you have to know before starting this journey.....

1)If you haven't reach level 11 in this game yet.Let's start from What is Country Show.

2)All pictures(screenshots) are made by myself.

3)Only put the full stage(stage 1)pictures here.The reasons included:(a)It will be a big burden if too much pictures here.(b)Too lazy to put too much.😴(c)My device will be fulled of these pictures if I took screenshots of all things I saw.👀

4)I don't want to give the informations of rewards.The reasons included:(a)Too lazy to do it "too"(2)Not hope anyone become too greedy after seeing this because it is just a game.🤑🎮

5)"(a,b,c,d)" stand for the growth needed to next stage.In the above examples,(a)=the growths Tier 5 to 4 needed,(b)=the growths Tier 4 to 3 needed etc.

No more jibber.Jibber!Let's start to plant crops.

Type 1:short term plant

Time for planting:24 hours

The growths needed:(75,50,110,115),(sum=350)




Type 2:middle term plant

Time for planting:72 hours

The growths needed:(225,150,330,345),(sum=1050)




Type 3:long term plant

Time for planting:120 hours

The growths needed:(590,1750,2360,2360),(sum=7060)



An interesting story:Country Show didn't exist in the earlier version.The rewards of passing levels at that time are more like the rules of rewarding magic beans in FHS.

FHSS glides guides:

Country Show(part1),(part2)


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Daily event & missions

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