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Let's do some Sudoku to help pass the time.

FluzzardFluzzard Posts: 12,594 Farm Super Saga Moderator
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Howdy farmers!

Biscuit and her friends are doing Sudoku after doing their works in farm.But they can't finished all of them.Can you help them to complete those puzzles?

The easier one.⤵️

The harder one.⤵️

Please post your screenshots if you complete both of the puzzles.Have fun!

The name list of all the gms неге.

The list of the guides about FHSS games неге,prevent the glitch of goats неге

Subscribe the tagging list of FHSS неге.

If you stuck in a level,don't be shy тo ask for нelp нere.

Stuck on level 160?Hope this video(on YouTube) can help.



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