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What good are the silver coins?

I know you can use coins to purchase boosters, but you still need bars too. Why can you not just use silver coins? It’s a rip off because you have to buy bars!!

I have tons of coins with nothing to buy with!


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    Hello and welcome to our friendly community

    I know what you mean, that's why we've already made suggestions. Maybe you still have ideas and just post them. Then the studio will definitely do something.

    Good luck


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    @Kathylandon Hi and welcome

    Sorry for hearing about this.😢Did you mean you have a lot of coins but you can't use it to buy collection basket boosters?

    Don't worry about this if you lack basket boosters because this knid of boosters are easier too get than before.Here are some of them.⤵️

    (1)Missions:You can get some of them if you complete certain missions.(unlock at level 50)

    (2)Daily challenge:Read more about this 👉 here.

    (3)Special offer:Sometime the first layer is free so you can get it by simply click it.(Please notice that not all the devices can see it.)

    If you still need help,just type "@" and tag any of game moderators to ask for helps.Hope you have a lovely day.

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