Level 160



  • KneeKeyPKneeKeyP Posts: 3 New Bee

    Thx @PummyRaj and @QueenB

    I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game. I’m playing on an Apple phone. And I’ve played so many times and the Nuts don’t move. There are 3 sets of nuts in my game and in all the videos and pics I’ve seen there should a signal nut diagonally above that.

    I’ve also attached a pic of the version I’m using I’m hoping you can help

  • KneeKeyPKneeKeyP Posts: 3 New Bee

    @QueenB I’m not sure how to figure that out - I think it’s

  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 12,095 Superstar

    Hello again @KneeKeyP

    Yes, 1.35.05 is the latest version and it is the same one that I too have!

    And, like I have showed in my screenshot (on page 1), I am able to bring up the nuts to the squirrels! And, I have played on iPad!

    So, you and I have Apple devices only!!

    And with regards to looking for the Version number ---> Open the "App Store" ---> find the game App and do not click on "Play" but go down a little but and see if it says "more info" or "open" or something like that for you to check out the info that App store tells you about the game!

    iPad and iPhone work a little different way! Hence, cannot give you specific directions for that!

    Hello dear @QueenB Will you be able to find out why some players are having issue with the level and I am not?

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  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 5,604 Community Manager

    Apologize for the delay on getting back to you @KneeKeyP!

    Level designers had a look at the level and seems everything is fine technically. But it's a tricky level since we have to use the wind to move the nuts to the squirrel and there are the buckets that makes the maneuver difficult.

    However, it should be possible to pass. If this is not the case in your game, would you be able to make a video recording so we can see the issue?

    You will have to send the video to Player Support here. You need to send a message first as you do not get the option to attach a video at first. Once get an auto reply, you can attach the video. You'll get a ticket # so if you can share this, I'll be able to report this.

    Thanks for your time 😊

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