Pet rescue not giving me my coins

When I completed Level 855 my coins were 2850. When I completed Level 856 my coins stayed at 2850 (my score was 2160), when I completed Level 857 my coins still stayed at 2850 (my score was 9055). I was so needing to be at 3000 so I could purchase hammers. This is the first time this ever happened.


  • The amount of stars you get for completing a levels have earlier made a difference for coins won. I have a FB page that earlier was specialized in Pet Rescue Saga coins, but wee are now heading more for ALL freebies there are for Pet Rescue (legit ones from within the game otr official community), so therefor I haven't really looked into coins for a long time, since the coins are not so important after getting loads of other boosters for free from Mystery and Island lvls.At the moment there is 45 more hours to complete the island bonus levels toi get AWESOME free booster prizes.

    I check my GG for lvl 1389 that I played LAST WEEK and for 2 stars I seem to somehow have earned 700 coins playing at At least my vid of it seem to proof that, ODD!!!! (vid proof below)

    As comparison I checked what happened earlier and i n this game walk-through for Level 857 that Lea passed with ONE STAR FEB 2015, she earned 250 for that star. (vid proof below)

    I'll play at FB now and monitor my coins to see and follow up what I get for passing lvls...

  • ...I just actually seem to have gained coins just cause I entered a level...?

    I didn't pass island lvl 1 the first time I played, but gained 400 coins IN THE BEGINNING!!!


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