Billed twice

anonimanonim Posts: 1

I have been billed twice for a purchase i made on pet rescue can i get a refund please? 


  • Johnny_RyallJohnny_Ryall Posts: 3,867 ✭✭


    Please check your King Care inbox (top right on a computer or in the left hand menu on mobile) as I have sent you a message about this.

    Kind regards,


  • Lilo_3Lilo_3 Posts: 1
    I have problems with my purchases on my phone and tablet. Everything is doubled on them. I have not got  a refund on them at all.Today I got 100 bars and was charged for it and did'nt get it. I would like some of my money back please. I would like this fixed and my money back please. Thank you Evelyn M.
  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,069 Superstar
    Hello @Lilo_3

    Have a look at the post linked below, it will give you details on what to do and where to contact for purchase problems.

    Click here:  Something wrong with your purchase?

    Too many games, not enough time!

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