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Pet saga Island

Pat_Ferraro Posts: 17 Level 2

Why do I only get a Island on Mondays now and no other day? But other people get them a lot more still? I have been playing this game for years and really upset that you are only giving out the Island to people that you choose and doing testing on it, I would really like my Island back like it use to be, this game is really upsetting me now, it's not as much fun without my Island...Please may I have it back..


  • Lynette
    Lynette Posts: 5,965 Pet Rescue Moderator

    Hi Pat, I understand your frustration :(  I only get the Weather alert on Monday now too.  I hope this testing phase does not take too long.  Hopefully more Weather Alerts, or even some new bonus games will be back for us all very soon!

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