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Transferring of Gold Bars between games?

Michelle_Rayner_2 Posts: 11 Level 2


This is more of a general question- it would be really great if you could be able to transfer gold bars between the King Games. For years I have been addicted particularly to Pets rescue. Now I play diamond diaries. I have 690 bars in Pets rescue and I can’t use them. I have to continually purchase in diamond diaries. What is the reason you don’t allow the transferring between games. Surely this would encourage us to try more of you games? 


  • Jelly_Jenny
    Jelly_Jenny Posts: 1,889 Community Manager

    Hi Michelle, 

    The different games are completely separate and Gold has different value across games so unfortunately it's not possible to move Gold Bars from one game to another. 

    However we are running a contest for Diamond Diaries which gives you a chance to win some free Gold Bars. Find it here->

    Good luck and have a Sassy day!

    Jelly Jenny 

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