Game loads then says not connected to Internet

Pat_BoykoPat_Boyko Posts: 5
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i have tried every browser and still cannot connect with pet rescue game , keeps coming up not connected to internet... please if you can check into this , as this is my favorite stress relief game  , i was at the highest level 2 weeks ago after the halloween screen was taken down have not been able to play    thank you

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  • Pat_BoykoPat_Boyko Posts: 5
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    Thank you for all your support   it was not a  King problem with the game   an update was stalled for windows on my computer and after i downloaded update  the game started working ..... Yes   , i have completed the last new levels and anxious waiting for more.... ps   i like the new bonus features      thanks again..
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  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,039 Community Manager
    Hi Pat,

    Are playing on a mobile device? If yes, is it Android, iOS or Kindle?

    Please add a screenshot of the error and I'll try to help you.
  • AimeeJoyAimeeJoy Posts: 3
    Yes I have this issue too. It gives me that screen when its loading with the tree and the animals. But it doesn't load. I play on Chrome, at
  • Pat_BoykoPat_Boyko Posts: 5
    i am playing on my computer   with internet access.   the screen says after loading that not connected to internet  but i am  i have cleared cache and storage . really would like to get back at the game   thank you
  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,039 Community Manager
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    Hi guys,

    I suggest you try the following steps:
    1. Try the game after disabling any browser plugins/addons. Please also close any programs running as well as close as many background tasks as possible.
    2. Try the game with another browser, for instance Opera, Firefox or Edge
    3. Try the game from another computer on the same Internet connection
    4. Try the game from another Internet connection (bring the notebook to your local cafe or ask the neighbor if you momentary may use their wifi connection. Alternatively use a mobile phone that can tether the mobile data into a wifi signal)
    Let me know how it goes in the error search and I'll try to help you out :)

    P.S.: I modified the title of this post so other players with the same issue will have it easier finding this conversation.
  • Pat_BoykoPat_Boyko Posts: 5
    • I tried all of the above the only thing that worked was using another computer   i do not know what setting to look for to try and get pet rescue back   , PLEASE HELP.....

  • Grampat5Grampat5 Posts: 6

    I have tried all of the above to get the game to load except going to another internet. Still doesn't load. More suggestions????

  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,039 Community Manager

    Hi Grampat5! Welcome to the Farm Heroes community 👋

    Actually I do 😊

    If you have the option then please check any limitations on the Internet connection - specifically firewall limitations, router setup, VPN, Internet security software and browser plugins. If standard ports in the router are filtered you might bump into issues where game specific components are not loaded thus giving errors when rendering in your browser.

  • Grampat5Grampat5 Posts: 6

    Why would all the above only be a problem for 1 game and not all the games? thank you for an answer.

  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,039 Community Manager

    If other King games are working correctly then that makes it a bit more peculiar. Did you also try the version on

  • Grampat5Grampat5 Posts: 6

    No I didn't. How do i do that? this is my experience contacting you. Thank you

  • Grampat5Grampat5 Posts: 6

    I can play the game at but it is all the way back to the beginning and I was on a much higher level well over 1000. But can play ther.

  • Grampat5Grampat5 Posts: 6

    I can play the game on my Fire hd 8 and connected to facebook and can play with my high score. Can't play on laptop or pc. So guess I got what i was looking for. thank you for your help.

  • vanvicvanvic Posts: 1

    I too can play other King games on my computer but not Pet Rescue. Says I have no internet connection. There seems to be no answer for this problem. For me it only happens on Pet Rescue which I have been playing for over a year.

  • Grampat5Grampat5 Posts: 6

    I can play other King games just not Pet Rescue Saga. The pc and laptop just don't play Pet Rescue. Know I have an internet connection which is obvious. so Fire hd 8 it is to play the game. thanks for answering. Seems weird there is no answer but maybe someday.

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