Gold bars

vsschuttvsschutt Posts: 3
Seems like my gold bars are missing


  • LynetteLynette Posts: 1,641 Superstar
    Hi @vsschutt sometimes gold vanishes, then reappears after you next load or your connection to facebook gets better.
    Try clearing your browser cache then re-load the game.  
    Let me know if it has reappeared? 
  • vsschuttvsschutt Posts: 3
    Lynette, I still have no gold bars as of today 12/5/2018
  • bhdfincdjnbhdfincdjn Posts: 4
    Hi seems like my gold bars are missing too. I only have 2 gold bars and my piggy bank says it's full with 50 gold bars!?
  • vsschuttvsschutt Posts: 3
    I have cleaned everything, and just went into game, and still missing
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