Hi seems like my gold bars are missing. I only have 2 gold bars and my piggy bank says it's full?!


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 11,113 Superstar
    Hi @bhdfincdjn, the 2 gold bars that are showing on the top are already yours to use but when the piggy bank shows that it's full, you have to purchase those gold bars that are in there.  It's like having to break open the piggy bank but you can only do that with a purchase.  Click on the piggy bank and a box should pop up showing how much it will cost to break the bank.
  • bhdfincdjnbhdfincdjn Posts: 4
    I don't understand why would i have to break that open with a purchase when i already have those 50 gold bars in it which I earned. Aren't those 50 bars mine!? From which I can purchase any booster instead of more goldbars?? Help! I'm confused 🤷 but thanks for your reply ☺️
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 11,113 Superstar
    No they are not yours until you purchase them.  You can read more about the piggy bank here:  https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-saga/discussion/246653/what-is-the-piggy-bank

    You earn those gold bars by collecting stars but they are not yours until you purchase them.
  • bhdfincdjnbhdfincdjn Posts: 4
    Now I get it. This piggybank is of no use for me in simple words 😂 anyway thanks Elsa 💕
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