Game changed its player vs player 3 hours early without giving the reward

Amy_Marks_GoodieAmy_Marks_Goodie Posts: 6
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My game changed its player vs player 3 hours early without giving me my reward? why?????  so I beat Harry goodie and you took away my prize and game me a new player look I am at the last 2 new levels last week prices were lower on androids and you increased them then you put android prices on the pc which made them higher I was charged 399 twice 2 weeks ago for a piggy bank and hard level gifts I'm giving up you guys can't get your game straight its not  fair 5 years of playing for what???


  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,079 Community Manager
    Hi Amy,

    Ugh :anguished: - sounds like something went wrong with your reward.
    I think it would be best if you got in contact with our support team. Please use this contact form:

    I suggest you fill in the form and choose the field for payment issues. Once you have heard back from support you can reply and include the issue with the P2P reward.

    I hope everything will be fine again and that you get your missing items :chuffed:

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