Valentine Contest!! Cupid, the clumsy Rabbit - You shape the story

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... in the colourful world of Candies and Bubbles, there was a rabbit called Cupid. One day, Cupid was given a very important mission: to spread love around the world! heart 

He was given a very special bow and if he shot a hearty arrow at two different characters, they would immediately fall in love with each other! There was an issue though, Cupid was the clumsiest rabbit ever to be seen. Once he was given this magical bow, he went out to explore and found Tiffi, Yeti, Nutcracker and Misty chatting under a tree. He thought "wow, Tiffi and Nutcracker could very well be a couple!". He took the bow out, aimed at Tiffii, tensed... and hit her!! Tiffi's eyes went heart-shaped and smiled.

Cupid was so excited - he made it! Now all there was left was for him to do the same with Nutcracker. And so he went, took the bow out, aimed, tensed... and hit the Yeti!! scream 


And now it's when we need you to help us shape the story!! 
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