Why does Pet Rescue now have impossible levels?

JeanPJeanP Posts: 1
Ok, this is ridiculous! I FINALLY miraculously got through that infuriating Pet Rescue Saga level 2440 after asking for help in Saga Help only to encounter the SAME problem on 2477 - the pets simply do NOT fall!!! I just got 5 out of 6 pets again, had one block left and a line blaster, used the line blaster and guess what? Level failed because I "didn't rescue enough pets"!  Well, I could have if a pet had fallen once I used the line blaster to clear the ONE block like the videos show. Why do these game engineers do this??? Better yet, WHY do I still play this stupid game??? It's a frustrating game.  What's the point?  The games are intended for fun and relaxation, but they no longer are.


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