Lvl 1423 issue

dixiedivine24dixiedivine24 Posts: 1
I was on level 1423 with 14 moves left 5 out of 6 squirrels dropped.  I kept clearing with boosters and no other animal dropped.  I cleared the whole screen 4 times bought gold bars to give me more plays and still a new squirrel never dropped.  $10 wasted and 80 gold bars wasted & I was at a 37 level streak . . . ALL GONE!

This keeps happening everytime my streak level gets above 30.  For the money I willingly spend, it is BS to lose the streak.  And it is certainly not normal when this is like the 4th time the game has glitched and not dropped the last critter.


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,004 Community Moderator
    Welcome to our Community @dixiedivine24 ;😃

    We've checked with the studio and there are no issues with level 1423, have you by any chance reported this to our Player Support team so they can have a look and see if a refund is in order? 

    We don't handle refunds through the Community so send Support an email so they can have a look. You can do this here .

    Hope this helps :)

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