I can no longer rotate my tablet (game not available in landscape mode)

willowgracewillowgrace Posts: 15
edited July 1 in Support
Please fix!

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  • okioki Posts: 4
    I have a Samsung galaxy and can no longer rotate my tablet either do t won't to hold it vertical  it's annoying 
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,227 Community Moderator
    Hi @willowgrace and welcome to our Community!

    It rotates fine on my iPad in the new update.

    Have you made sure the screen is not locked on portrait mode in the device settings? 
  • okioki Posts: 4
    Nothings locked   
  • mlb0213mlb0213 Posts: 3
    I’m having the same problem - ever since the last update a few days ago, the game shows up on my iPad in portrait mode. I emailed Support twice and they can’t help.  And I didn’t make any adjustments to my iPad so I know it’s on the King side. Please bring back landscape mode for Pet Rescue!
  • wstrmyrrwstrmyrr Posts: 6
    I am having the same problem...can’t get pet rescue out of portrait mode on my iPad!  Nothing is locked and theres not a problem with anything else!  Very frustrating!  Please check into it, King!!
  • willowgracewillowgrace Posts: 15
    All other apps will rotate. 
  • jpwilkjpwilk Posts: 9
    Same problem here with galaxy note

  • mlou102mlou102 Posts: 3
    I am having the same problem after my update two days ago. My iPad is too heavy to play vertical I need it to go back to landscape mode.  All other games will rotate
  • jpwilkjpwilk Posts: 9
    Since the latest update to Pet Rescue I can't run it in landscape mode. This is on a Samsung Tab A. Worked fine yesterday. All my other apps work in landscape mode fine.
  • GribbieGribbie Posts: 1
    I am having the exact problem on my IPad!!  It is totally annoying to play like this. I can still rotate Candy Crush. 
  • willowgracewillowgrace Posts: 15
    This is awful! Fix it! 
  • mlou102mlou102 Posts: 3
    Not playing anymore till it gets fixed 
  • mlou102mlou102 Posts: 3
    edited June 28
    If I would’ve known what the “Crazy cat lad” says...... getting the new format did this, I would’ve kept the old format if I had the choice.  I’m done with the game, my iPad is too heavy to be holding upright.  All the way up to 2451..... oh well
  • okioki Posts: 4
    I never asked for the new design or the update  I guess I won't be playing anymore now which really sucks cuz I was at level 2597  
    Just at least let the screen rotate so we all have a choice
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