Do you EVER plan to release new levels !!????? I

moppetsmommoppetsmom Posts: 2
Why aren't road blocks removed !? Why must we sit for DAYS AND DAYS waiting for new levels!!??? I am seriously considering dropping this game because of this.  We are constantly waiting for new levels and it's getting ridiculous our time is valuable too and even though I enjoy this game I don't feel that we should have to wait weeks for new levels.


  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,377 Community Manager
    Hello @moppetsmom and welcome to the Community :waving: 

    I know, right?! Pet is a great game and one would want never ending levels! However, creating magic takes time and that's why we release a few episodes at a time! Luckily, I hear that some new ones are on their way as we speak! So if you update your game, it won't take long until you can play again! 

    Well done for reaching the latest levels by the way ;) You also can give a try at our new and super fun Pet Rescue Puzzle - Plenty more levels like that!

    Have a great day  πŸ’

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  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,135 Superstar
    edited September 18
    Hi @moppetsmom =)
    We do get 15 new levels every week! I think that is pretty good work from the developers, it's more than one level per day.

    If you're getting through them too quickly, you can also try playing without boosters or extra moves, or the win streak advantages! It is challenging, but much more satisfying to complete - plus it takes a bit longer. I spent a whole day on Level 2877  B)

    I also hope to see you over in the Pet Rescue Puzzle section - it's fun too!

    Too many games, not enough time!

  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 5,010 Superstar
    Hello @moppetsmom, Hearty Welcome to the Pet Rescue section of our friendly King Community :) 

    While waiting for the new levels. why don't you enter in a contest that's currently running for us to win 20 Gold Bars!  Please participate and try your luck at this link  Beat the Score in level # 290

    All the very best!  Hope to see you there πŸ€—
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