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My Team - and how it is totally NOT functional

JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
See this picture.
2 Days left.
I am on level 2892 waiting for new levels - as I am at the total end of the game.
I am the one getting the points but I am roadblocked so waiting.
2 members with 0
1 with 1
1 with 18
and me with 78

How in "#!@$" name can I get in what way or the other get to 540 points.
This is so very very totally ridiculous.
It was NOT functional in Soda and so very very many people complained...
And now here.. Pet resque.. the only one not effected with this stupid teamwork that is not a team and not wanting to be in a team.
The team, the mastermind behind this disaster, whoever, King is not listening to its players.


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