Level 1464 - Where are the pets!

I have found a few levels where the pets just never seem to turn up.  it seems to me like a bit of a money grab.  This time I suffered through and kept paying my gold bars.  The last time this happened (can't remember which level) I was on a 99 game winning streak and Pet Rescue ended the game saying there were no more options and booted me out.  I never even got a chance to pay up for more moves or bombs or whatever.  I like this game but I really hate it when there are levels like 1464.


  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,158 Superstar
    Hi @Kimberlly_Taylor,

    I agree that some levels can be very frustrating when they rely on random Pets falling :(
    Unfortunately Level 1464 is one of those.

    This Level can be completed without paying for anything extra (I've done it), but requires a lot of time and patience to achieve!
    Too many games, not enough time!

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