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Did you know - when you open it for the first time - every week - it wants you to pay for the tickets.
So - I click it away - I am not going to pay for tickets to a out of the bizare level of game.
The next time you open it - it gives you 5 tickets for free.

Shouldn't that be the other way around?
First the 5 free tickets and than pay for it?
Whatever.. just saying.. looks a bit corrupt in the programming I think. But - who am I. Bugdetector?

And talking about the circus.
When you want to sell tickets - give people the impression of the possibility to win.
At this moment - I played all the tents - I managed to finish 2 levels. Tent nr. 1 so difficult I am not even go and try it a second time.
Tent 2 was so very difficult (same level also turning up in the weather isle) It is a difficulty not based on skills but on the whimps of the game. Even if you know how to finish the game - only once in a whateverturnsthedice you actually have the possibility to finish. Usually after 10 or 15 tries.

I get it that you want to sell gold, tickets, boosters and what so ever.
But at this moment - things are not fair.


  • The carnaval started of again with asking for 5 goldbars.. clicked it away - opened it again and they were free again.

    I told you last time.
    So - Can I assume than that King does it on purpose?
  • This bug is still a bug.. It is still asking for goldbars for a game of the carnaval.
    Except when you click it away and reopen it.

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