Why is it that I'm stuck on level 2937 and can't go to the next level because of this road block

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  • glasladyglaslady Posts: 3
    My iMac is at  2937 roadblock. My iPad and iPhone are at the 2922 roadblock. Why can't you get the the mobile and desktop versions released at the same time. Also it seems updates are taking a lot longer.
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,243 Community Moderator
    @glaslady The update with more levels is being released on different dates to different devices.

    Since every platform has their own game version and the update needs to be adapted and programmed for those specific devices it is not possible to make one single update and release it across all platforms at the same time.

    The new levels will come to all platforms as soon as they are ready for that specific device. 
  • glasladyglaslady Posts: 3
    I understand the different platforms but couldn't you get them all ready and release at the same time. Otherwise could you have something for us to do like the weather thing that doesn't cost gold while we wait.
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