I'm on level 2982! How are others able to move ahead and I can't.

CarlitaAlfonsoCarlitaAlfonso Posts: 27 ✭✭
Greetings LeBarbara, I just saw another post asking the question I am going to ask here. It is about level 2982, recent. I am also wanting to know how others are ahead on levels above 2982? It will not allow me to play anymore until next week talking about November 11th. I only say this based on when I am able to upload the next level. I've notice on the internet that others already have the next level and more. How is that possible when I have to keep waiting for days before I can get to the next level?  I also was just offered a chance to win games and get as many as 50 Gold Bars. I would love to get those bars but I can't go anywhere on any levels because of the construction ahead saying I have to wait. I am trying to understand the wait and also how others don't seem to have to wait? If they are so far ahead, why can't I get to the next level that they are already playing. I base this on the conversations I see written about levels above 2982. Can you please help me with this and also being able to play to get the 50 Gold Bars that are being offered. Right now I'm just sitting under construction with the pig flying saying I have to wait. Thanks


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    Hi @CarlitaAlfonso, as far as I know Level 2982 is the final one for Pet Rescue Saga at the moment.
    Where did you see that other's are ahead?

    The chance to win gold bars could have been about the Mystery Mountain bonus game, each Mountain you climb earns more gold than the last. A new Mystery Mountain is due soon =)

    Edited to add I've just seen a post about the 'Rescue Sprint' that you were talking about to win gold bars (I don't have it in my game)
    Don't worry, a new Episode is due early next week. You'll be able to use these Levels to earn your gold bars.

  • CarlitaAlfonsoCarlitaAlfonso Posts: 27 ✭✭
    Thank you for the answer Crazy and Lynette. I'm waiting!
  • BrendaNaugleBrendaNaugle Posts: 1
    I am an iphone user. Facebook opens a new level but not my iphone. Two weeks ago, I tried deleting the app and refreshing it but I lost my boosters and don't want to do that again. Last week I deleted the facebook app and reinstalled and that updated it but again this week my iphone is not updating but I have new levels on facebook.  What's up? I do have the weather alert and the new daily game but no new levels.  Last level is 2982. Someone did update my boosters as a one time courtesy.
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,283 Community Moderator
    Hi @BrendaNaugle and welcome to our Community! 

    Deleting and reinstalling the app do not give more levels. Only by updating the app in App Store can add more levels, if an update is available.

    Only the progress, Gold Bars and Pet Coins are backed up in our system while Boosters are saved directly on your phone. Therefore the Boosters will be lost when you delete the app.

    The update with more levels arrive on different dates to different devices since every platform require their own game version. Therefore the levels may vary between Facebook, iPhones, Android devices and Kindle tablets.

    All platforms will eventually get updated and the Game Team is doing their best to update all of them as soon as possible, but at times some platforms can take a while before the update is ready. 

    So, when you are out of levels on your iPhone, do not reinstall, you will need to wait with patience for the update to arrive in App Store.
  • vystrexvystrex Posts: 4
    But why is it saying we only have until Thursday to get the extra gold bars? When there are no new levels to play?  I’m having the same issue. Very frustrating. 
  • CarlitaAlfonsoCarlitaAlfonso Posts: 27 ✭✭
    I'm agreeing with other's on here when it comes to these extra gold bars and nobody can play to win them! How fair is that when you can't play to win the extra. All of us on here are getting these messages that there are extra gold bars to win when you have a chance to play to win them. Are you all going to give us on here that are stuck on 2982 a chance to play to win some of these extra gold bars that are as of last week being offered? I haven't moved since last week because I am stuck behind construction pig flying. This is so not okay to offer these extra's and you can't play to win them. Please "King" feel the frustration.
  • CarlitaAlfonsoCarlitaAlfonso Posts: 27 ✭✭
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    @CarlitaAlfonso @Lynette ;
    More levels are on the way, stay tuned on this page!
    I just got the Rescue Sprint Race now offered to me. I keep checking the page for the next level to come after 2982. It is saying "Win Extra Gold Bars by winning Episode Races! You have until Thursday. Race now! King Community or the ones answering these post, are you all again going to give us who are stuck behind the construction a chance to play and win. Today is Wednesday 11/13, we have until tomorrow to enjoy and win some "gold bars"? If not please find a way to maybe give us another opportunity to offer this to us. Others are having the opportunity to play and win "gold bars". I only get this once a week when "Mystery Mountain" is offered. 
  • neecapgneecapg Posts: 1
    This is extremely frustrating. I guess I am addicted to this game to even send a comment lol. I want new levels to just keep coming like they used to. 2982 level I've been stuck on for weeks. I'm growing tired of just mystery mountain & weather alerts, I want plenty of levels. Instead of just saying they are coming soon actually put them out and way more than just one level. I can finish one level in 15 minutes & then I'm back to waiting. Please oblige us.
  • CarlitaAlfonsoCarlitaAlfonso Posts: 27 ✭✭
    Neecapg I'm agreeing with you. As of last week I finally got the new levels after a week in a half of waiting. I was on 2982 and I posted two messages about the wait and what is going on. I want to play the games with others but I can't. I like you just finished the last level of 2982 and I'm stuck behind the construction wait another week in a half for the next level. I miss out on the extra added bonus because at the time they are presented, I don't get to play because no more levels. It is so frustrating and unfair because some of us are ahead and don't get to play and enjoy the game like we use to. There use to be level after level after level none stop. Now you don't get that anymore. I as of last week finished 2982 and I'm stuck on 2998 waiting until next week sometime for the new level. I missed out on the extra gold bars that were being offered. It ended on Thursday and I still hadn't gotten the update for the new levels so I could win some extra gold bars. You only get those offered in Mystery Mountain. I have the weather to play and that is it. 
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