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Boosters in new design - Let the Game Team know what you think!

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,972 Community Moderator
edited January 29 in Discussions
Boosting up the Boosters in Pet Rescue Saga!

New design of the Boosters is coming up. What do you think?

Do you like them? Or do you want to keep the Boosters as they look today?

Here's how they look like in action

Vote and comment what you think! We want your opinion and feedback on the new design!

Boosters in new design - Let the Game Team know what you think! 88 votes

The new design is petriffic, I love it!
sam_123Dylan_HawkinsPummyRajMaria_Delgado12monty34Sukanta_BiswasVincent_KellyStefan_BDebbie_LyonsPeetrakiara_waelPriscilla_Noonerdmc8386VkingbearwithmeOroGrandeGalruiva001lbwdesigneiselmangar16002 64 votes
Naw, I think I prefer the Boosters as it is today.
Julie_AndrewsCleverclare_ChrisSSlorraine5050MarblesRobinCorteyangsloannie753juanitar22teresa292ArytruBoikaMitrevaerika123popanda55jackyrnKingme2020kingme2021paulitovioletagolybadeaa 19 votes
I don't know, it doesn't matter how they look like.
BQN537SeikaklaybasketNoxiecassie1982 5 votes


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