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JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
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When playing Pet Rescue AND when playing Soda almost the ONLY advertisement I get is a 30 seconds taking publicity about Diabetes.
In the video you show PILLS to be taken, shots/syringes to get.

1. Children play this game. EVERY film ever shown - even the disney ones - need to have an age sign. The moment Syringes and PILLS are in a film it should have a warning.
King is just showing it without warning!

2. Diabetes is not a game. It is not something you advertise against.. Just follow these steps - get this e-book - and you will not get it.
This is a lethal illness and this add pretends you will not get it - what doctors don't tell you!
You are not medically trained. You are not allowed to advertise medical treatment. You are - in Dutch law - illegal in showing this add.

3. If you already downloaded the book.. the - very annoying and very LONG - add keeps coming. What is the point - download it 10000000x TIMES??????

4. Where is the possibility to block an add?

There is NO possibility to avoid this add.
Even if you downloaded the book.
Even though KING already knows YOU ARE BEING ILLEGAL in showing this.
All that counts is the money you get from this add.
It is repulsing this type of moneygreed to advertise medical treatment against diabetes.

People DIE from diabetes!!! And you are claiming to have found the cure in an add.
This is soooo very very very wrong what you are showing and doing. 
What is the interest in an e-book about diabetes for 10 year old ( my niece is playing and I am not able to block this add for her not to see the syringes and pills)

I made this an issue in the Soda part of the community.
Now Both Soda AND Pet Rescue ONLY show this add. It is the only bloody add you have for me!
You think I am on the verge of getting diabetes?
You want me to change my diet?
You think I am ill?
You want my niece to see this add when she is playing Pet rescue?
Do you only have ONE client that pays for publicity and nothing but the diabetes one?
If you can ONLY show ONE add.. what is the point? If you have seen it - Do you really want to force it upon your players EVERY bloody time you will give an extra bonus? If you can only show ONE add.. than just don't - it is pathetic.

I don't mind looking ad adds. You get money for me watching and I get a booster. But this add is EVIL is disguise and not suited for small children and you are showing it over and over and over and over again

If you want to insist on shoving this medical add up our noses.. Give the players the possibility to block something you do not EVER want to see again.
For religious reasons, for personal reasons, for not being age suited, for medical reasons.. or even for sportive motives.. (getting only 3 more moves for an add that is 30 seconds is totally not worth it)

I hope you finally do something about this add.. or give ME the TOOLS to do it Myself!!


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 19,748 Superstar
    Hi @JetKuil-Snaterse, Welcome to Our Community  =)

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for sharing this problems Adds .
    I saw you playing PRS games on mobile. As my experience, every mobile before playing a game there are always advertisements displayed,and this is different from each country.

    The first thing I do if we don't want to see an Adds is that there is always a button to Skip the Adds or a Cross. You can also contact Customer Care from your mobile provider.

    Thanks again because you and we have been concerned about it.
  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3

    The first thing I do if we don't want to see an Adds is that there is always a button to Skip the Adds or a Cross. You can also contact Customer Care from your mobile provider.

    Customer Care of my mobile provider has nothing to do with adds placed by King that are unwanted.
    I play on Ipad on my home wifi network so no Mobile provider in this case.

    I do - every every every time - click away the add the diabetes... BUT IT IS THE ONLY ONE I GET!!!!!
    That means you are not showing me Other adds.
    That means you don't give me the possibility to get boosters or moves by watching adds as the diabetes one is the only one I see and I click it away.

    But - even that is beside the point of you people from KING - showing an add that is not age warned. That shows needles and pills. That makes publicity with a lethal illness. That says what doctors don't tell you (and that is Illegal in Holland)
    And You don't give the possibility for me to block this add permanently so now I cannot let my niece play because of this as this is totally not age appropriate for her to see. 
  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,494 Superstar
    The ads you see on your device are tailored to you specifically by Google, so what you see is not the same as what any one else sees.
    I'd suggest you look up an ad-blocker to suit your device and download it so you don't have to see any ads at all.

  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    @Lynette, I totally DON'T understand why I get that diabetes one than. Google is very much messing this up than! Or King is!
    I am surfing by proxy so no history should be kept.
    I am not logged in with google. I don't have a google account. I use firefox as browser. And all history is deleted when closing the browser. Maybe because I am typing it here on this community so much about this diabetes ad. And because I hoped when I downloaded that f*cking ebook I would be saved forever for that publicity but it doesn't work that way.. Even if you download that book KING keeps giving me THAT ONLY -very bad word filtered - AD!!!

    And it is not that i don't want ads.. I want them. I want the bonus. I want the extra moves. I don't want an Ad-blocker. (got that on the computer)
    But.. common.. how sad is it that you don't give me any other ad than that one. It is pathetic...

    I want KING to stop with this illegal advertising! To advertise medical treatment is not allowed in Holland.
    I want KING to realize that they are on a very downwards line of ethics vs money.
    I want KING to know that what they are doing is morally so wrong. (advertising that you have a cure for diabetes that doctors don't tell you)
    I want KING to take their responsibility towards smaller children that are playing the game.

    But if KING wants to stay morally and ethically on this very low standard.. at least give the player the possibility not to be subdue to this actions and methods and give the possibility to forever block an unwanted ads (and with that - accept the wanted ones)

  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,494 Superstar
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    Hello again @JetKuil-Snaterse
    Sorry, I need more information (and less ranting) 
    I do understand you are upset by this and will try my best to resolve it =)
    Do you see the ads on Firefox or only when playing on mobile?
    Are you talking about the ads you can click on to get in game boosters or whatever?

    I have never seen ads in my game (but do not own a mobile) so am trying to understand why you have this problem.

    The way ads in games work is that King sign up to an advertising company and that advertising company put in whatever ad they think you personally will respond best to.

    Because you are clearing your history and using a proxy they do not know who you are or where you are from so you just get a 'generic ad' that the advertising company think could apply to anyone.
    Clearing your history would also explain why you get the same one each time :(

    Edited to add that I agree with the you that sham medical treatments should not be advertised, and I wish they were policed better in my country like they are in yours.  Unfortunately they are allowed in other countries and your proxy might be showing that you are in one that allows it.

  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    I am playing on a tablet on my home wifi network. 

    I can choose to get a bonusbooster. 
    That means KING is giving me a publicity. 
    The only publicity I get is this one on pet rescue and 95% of the time on soda. Soda occasionally gives me an other. You get this publicity before the game for boosters and after your game for extra moves. 

    Get shots, take pills, get sick, be afraid of a nurse forcing something upon you. For 30 seconds a terrormovie publicity. 

  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    @Lynette Sorry.. I can only take screenshots with the tablet but I hate typing with that.. so I posted above pictures and now continue on computer with a regular keypad.
    This is a KING induced publicity.
    This is a game included publicity.
    KING is receiving money for me clicking on this ad.
    This is not a publicity from my provider.

    Above is said - the publicity is induced by surfing on the internet.
    I do not surf on the internet with my tablet. 
    I do surf on the internet on my computer - BUT my computer is on proxy and my computer is not on google.
    So how would google get this info?
    Not by my surf habits. So the answer given above - it is a personally tailored ad - explain to me how that is possible?
    Go to your mobile provider?? How in the -bleep- name is a tv commercial within a game of King has to do with my mobile provider???

    These images are NOT suitable for children. That means if my niece is playing on my tablet with the cute little animals and she clicks on - YES give me TV commercials in the game - she is forced upon the above images. WITHOUT warning.

    This is not right. This is (I am almost 95%sure) not legal in Holland. This is not suitable to watch without a warning for little children. See my first message. If you show publicity it must have an age and a content warning if not - not allowed to show on times children can see it. These content warnings are universal and for every country the same. A KING game can be played always so children are without warning subdued to these images.
    My game is in Dutch, the publicity is in Dutch. So I assume this publicity is for the Dutch viewers - as the language is only Dutch.
    That means KING targeting Dutch people with this - that means also KING has to keep up with the Dutch or at least the European rules and codes of publicity.

    I have several major issues with this publicity.
    And don't come up with - get a adblocker.. That answer is infuriating. This is INTEGRATED into a KING game!!! So KING responsibility!!
    1. No age warning and not suited for small children that play the game on MY device. (this is international law) because of unsuited graphics in this publicity.
    2. What has KING to do with medical treatments? Diabetes is LETHAL!!!! I have a friend that died from it. I have a next door neighbor that was hospitalized 2 weeks ago from a sugardip. I am medically trained and know what it is. And in this publicity they claim they can reverse it. In this publicity they are pushing - What doctors do not tell you.
    3. KING is ONLY giving this publicity on Pet rescue and 95% of my time on Soda. Like.. click on the tv and there it is again. If King wants to earn more money by showing publicity - give a variety of ad's. Give something MORE to look at and not only this one.
    And yes you are right.. I can click away this ad. And I do all the time. But that also means I no longer get a booster or I no longer get extra moves.
    4. King is not showing Sex. King is not showing violence. King is claiming to be forever friendly.. BUT the above ad is not friendly and is showing violence.
    5. This publicity is to give people a free ebook. But the moment you GOT that Book - the publicity keeps on going.
    6. People can have whatever reasons not to see something and not to be confronted with it because of all sorts of personal reasons. King does NOT give the possibility to BAN an ad that you do not ever want to be confronted with again.

    Hope things are clear now.
    I have personal, medical and legal issues with it. And the moment I click on the TV in a king game I only get that Ad.
  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,494 Superstar
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    Sorry @JetKuil-Snaterse
    What I was trying to tell you was that because you use a proxy you do not get personalised ads

    Note, this is what I wrote:
    Because you are clearing your history and using a proxy they do not know who you are or where you are from so you just get a 'generic ad' that the advertising company think could apply to anyone.
    Clearing your history would also explain why you get the same one each time :(

    You will get a random ad that the advertising company thinks might fit any person.
    You may also get ads designed for other countries because the advertising company cannot see your actual address (your proxy might say you are from another country)

  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    @Lynette Whatever.. forget the proxy. Forget the personalized ad. (your words but forget it!)

    I have a problem with THIS AD! personalized or not.
    Every time I seem to be talking into the abyss.. Explaining. And EVERY time something minor.. totally unimportant is picked out to answer!

    Personalized or not.. This AD is EVIL-illegal-unsuited-a lie-medical.advice given by KING-you are a game platform not a medical office-giving only one ad on repeat-on repeat-on repeat-on repeat - on repeat - ON REPEAT - O N    R E P E A T or you might call it ranting. (annoying me saying this right? Imagine being forced upon a commercial all the time that goes against all your guts.)

    Personalized or not - I only get this one.. so there is nothing personalized King only has ON as in 1 ad to show me.

    Do you know the Monty Python sketch about Spam? It is on youtube! It is about how personalized you can order your egg's.

    See all the things I wrote above an at least try to have the bloody thing removed.

    For a personalized ad it is horrible
    For a Non Personalized ad it is horrible the same.
    For the only ad I see it is horrible.

    QUOTE by you:
    Because you are clearing your history and using a proxy they do not know who you are or where you are from so you just get a 'generic ad' that the advertising company think could apply to anyone.
    Clearing your history would also explain why you get the same one each time

    (this answer is not correct. I play a game. I get this ad. I don't want to see it so I click it away. I continue playing. I get the same ad again with the next level. I click it away again. I replay a level. I get the same ad again. At the beginning of a game i get this, at the end of the same game I get this. In between I get this.
    No clearing of the computer, no clearing of the history ever on the tablet where I play on, it is all happening within the same gameset... so to me this is an excuse answer to avoid dealing with the real problem.. this ad and the repeating of it. )

    I play on my tablet! (told you that above)
    I don't surf the internet on the tablet (told you that above)
    I clear my history on the computer and NOT THE TABLET WHERE I PLAY ON!!!!
    Kiara is saying - go to your mobile provider (totally non helpful answer)
    Next advice - get an adblocker (also not what I would like)
    You are saying - the ad's are personalized (and by saying that it is - shut up this is what is special for you)

    Again see what is written above in several messages now!

  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,494 Superstar
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    Hi @JetKuil-Snaterse
    I am listening to you and do understand how much this particular ad annoys you.

    Yes, my answers did change as I got more information from you.

    I have tried to explain the best I can that it is the advertising company who decide your ads 

    If you did not use a proxy or clear your history then they might know you have seen it and not show you again.

    I will pass this on and see if someone else can explain it to you better.

  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    A proxy is not on the tablet i playon..
    A proxy is not of any interest as within 1 game i get the add already 7 times. 

  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    I have taped the whole commercial and have send a formal complaint to the Dutch legal commercial code commission.
    I am now taking this higher up to the right legal authorities.

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 6,510 Community Manager
    Hi @JetKuil-Snaterse!

    First of all, all our games require that you will need to be at least 18 years old or older as stated in the Terms & Conditions, so no children should play the game.

    All the ads in all King games come from a third party ad provider and not from us at King. The ads you get can be both based on the algorithms from your device, but also other randomly picked ads that are available for all players globally or in your country/ region. 

    Even though all ads are provided from a third party provider like AdChoices or AdTracker the ads go through a filter at King where inappropriate ads with violence, drugs or sexual content are blocked. 

    I will pass this on to our Marketing and if the ad is inappropriate according to their guidelines it will then be blocked. 

  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    Huh.. I just send a reply but nothing is showing?
  • JetKuil-SnaterseJetKuil-Snaterse Posts: 55 Level 3
    Hi @Crazy Cat Lad ,

    I have looked into the game guidelines about publicity and ads. Within your own rules is stated that you have cookies to prevent double or measuring the amount of showing of an Ad.
    If you are saying that it is a Third Party doing this, than the third party does not comply to your own rules as it is showing this ad in-continuum.

    Within your policy about inappropriate ads with violence, drugs, or sexual content you should have a 4th trigger - Medical issues.
    Diabetes belongs in a doctors office and be treated under stricked control by a medically trained person. In Holland not even a regular nurse is allowed to handle this - only a specially trained in diabetes nurse.
    Besides that - if you look at the images with the syringe it does look like using so you could block it for drugs use. As insulin is a drug and insulin overdose is lethal. Several mass murderers used insulin to kill. But that is all besides my point.
    It is to my knowledge illegal to have a medical ad this way - what doctors don't tell you. Period!
    As is the law. (I contacted the right authorities by phone today and they asked me to formally file a complaint so they can take legal matters into their hands)

    The third party ad provider should know that. But even if King Marketing does not feel the urge to block it.. or feels the need to correct the third party. Legal maters are now out of my control and yours as it is send to the right legal authorities for any publicity/ads/commercials.

    This commercial is bothering me veryveryVERY MUCH. I have said so in the Soda part of the community and had a private message conversation with Lola_Pop.
    King has commercial interest above anything else as it seems.
    So be it/I rest my case.

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