Weather Alert 🌦️ vs 🗻 Mystery Mountain - Which one is your favourite? Vote here!
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Weather Alert vs Mystery Mountain

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 3,095 Community Moderator
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Do you love to kick start the week with heading to the rainy or sunny Pet Island ? Or are you looking forward the whole week to be able to climb to the mountain top in Mystery Mountain?

Which challenge and event one do you prefer to play and rescue the pets in?

Vote, comment and let us know which one is your favourtie!

Weather Alert vs Mystery Mountain 53 votes

Weather Alert
Crazy Cat Ladsam_123Pat_Ferrarokevinfranks372AlJaneKatherine_LaneBetstsaytdsMajBritDupontBQN537popanda55kjclaytonRenee1981mjharrisCooboo10lhannascha970vmeg9billybobby6677debbysix07 32 votes
Mystery Mountain
Julie_AndrewsKeefykiara_waelMarblesDooDropclaacasaKempy01Charden80wallstondsouzamodaddydrpankajthanvihappyPlacethaisalvesTyms1980 14 votes
I can't choose! I like to play both of them.
LynetteDeepshikhaSharanاملSweetNena3Audriebuzzlightyear_ukLouren 7 votes


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