The erratic behaviour of teams feature

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I play PR on android mobile, software version 10 (so settings say). Memory storage half empty (don't know if this is important). I downloaded PR app almost 3 weeks ago. I enter the game every day, often to just get the daily bonus.

So I asked a question about the peculiar behaviour of teams feature a while back. It never lets me get the last reward within the allotted time because teammates score the few missing and needed points and get the reward when I'm not in the game (well while I'm sleeping, you know). Then feature resets itself anew (timer and points) when I return the next day.

Since I didn't find a satisfying solution, yesterday I decided to resist and stay until the end to get my reward and see what this was all about. And well, things went crazier than I expected. Good thing I play on mobile otherwise I wouldn't have been fast enough to screenshot proofs.

  • There were 538/540 points and 9d 12 h 52 min left (image 1)
  • I cleared a level (level 387), passed with 2 stars which gave me the 2 points I needed. I won 3 boosters as third reward, finally.
  • Points reset. Well, almost, there were 10 points; I suppose they're coming from completing the episode. But timer did not. (image 2)
  • I thought I reached my goal so I went on clearing a couple of levels (defenitely less than 5, I'm sure. I was keeping track of levels for gold rush side event). Then suddenly the app says "Good job! You and your team have unlocked another reward! Claim it" (image 3)
  • I claimed it and then past scores showed up. Points were 196/540 and clearly none of my teammates were playing at the moment but team first reward was triggered nonetheless (image 4)
  • But then immediately second reward was triggered and I claimed it again . Weird. (image 5). Then I got this message : "You and your team have unlocked together all the rewards! Next season starts in 0d 0h 19 min" (image 6). Alright. This matches with the fact that next day I would always find a reset timer too.
  • I cleared the 10th level after triggering original third prize, as level in the pic reminds me, and then team feature activated and just gave me another prize saying: "Goal achieved! You and your team have unlocked all the prizes!" Yep, at this point the feature is drunk or it's compensating me for all the times it robbed me before. (image 7)
  • After clearing 11th level, team points were 360/540. Not entirely my doing, but hey, I'm flattered (images 8-9)
  • image 10 is how I left the game yesterday evening with 375/540 points and image 11 is how I found the game this morning, with 72/540 points. I guess it sobered up in the night but not quite: 2 prizes goals are still marked and they shouldn't be.

So, I'm sorry if I was too lenghty in my post and I ask again, is this how team feature normally works? Is this confusing non-linearity my issue or few people's only? I've already tried to log in/out and restart device but this was the result anyway. Should I just accept this aspect as a part of the game and move on? I have no problem moving on, I can adapt but I'd like to know if this is the normality. πŸ˜… The game itself is cute. Thanks.

Tagging PR players that I know of: @Lynette @kiara_wael @Freddy_Falkner @wykoon @tsaytds


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