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Has helping a Friend with a boost changed?

sringbeansringbean Posts: 79 Level 2

Have been playing for years and on Thursdays I find it helpful to assist team members with winning their challenging level and giving them a boost. Thursdays are good because I can score unlimited lives most other days. So I have been assisting others on Thursdays because assisting lets me play but does not cost me lives. Use to be when I would complete the level for the team member and send them the boost, I would be returned not to the path but to the level I just solved for the team member. I would then have to close the level and end the game and the app would return me to the path. Today I thought I would give this a complete test so instead of exiting the level after I had won it and sent the boost I continued to play that level winning it five times and sending five boosts before it put me back on the path as it should each time I send a boost.

So next I found another team member had asked for help and I won that level for them. After I sent them the boost I was put back on the path as I should have been every time. It looks like the app developers determined that there was a logic error in the conditional branch or go to statement at the end of the "send the boost process" and fixed it on the fly. Is this possible, and are they watching online to see if there are logic errors and sending out hot fixes. I am playing on a newer Kindle and am up to date on versions.


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