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 🎁 😻  HO HO HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Pet Rescue Saga Community Wide Contest (finished)

Lynette Posts: 5,595 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited May 2022 in Contests

🌟🎇 Welcome Rescuers to the 2021 Ho Ho Happy Holidays Community Wide Contest! 🎇🌟

There are seven contests throughout the community with the final contest located in the Community Hub.

You need to:

 👉 Guess the correct answer to the question for a chance to win 20 GB in each game.

 👉 Go to the Community Hub HERE and add up the numbers of each answer (so there will be 7 numbers total) and report it in the hub, for the chance to win 50 GB in the game of your choice!

Here is your Pet Rescue Saga Question:

Butterflies in Pet Rescue Saga can rescue Pets for us when they are stuck with no way out of the game.

But first, the butterflies need to be released from their glass jars by collecting blocks, (this question is about regular blocks not including X2 blocks)

What is the minimum number of blocks needed to free a butterfly?

A. 8

B. 12

C. 16

D. 22

Players are encouraged to use the spoiler so other players can guess the correct answer for themselves. 

🦋 🎁 🎈 ❄️

The number that you have guessed in this contest is the answer you will need to add to your answers from the other 6 winter holiday contests to make up your final answer in the Community Hub Contest.

All participants who post their total in the Community Wide Contest will get this Holiday badge added to their profile

What are you waiting for? Lets have some fun!

The contest will run from 17 December 2021 - until 1500 Central European Time (CET) 7 January 2022

Terms and conditions here

Good luck everyone 🐾

Want to take part? Sign up HERE in 2 seconds.



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