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Many years ago in Petopia

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“Dear diary,

Some people from the Community have doubts of what Petopia is all about. Most of them play Pet rescue saga but like I said, they’vey never seen this town before and so, I’m writing a memoir based on it. But first, a little history about Petopia.”


Seven months ago,

The critters in Petopia were minding their own business and chilling. Some rescued pets were getting off the train and moving into their beautiful new home. The birds were chirping, the bunnies were hopping, and the cats and dogs were playing tag with each other. Life at that town was very peaceful.

The next day, a rescued cat was getting iff the train and adjusting into her new home. She was short and looked so shy and timid. Whenever other pers talked to her, she would just walk away. Her name was Katherine, otherwise known as Kat. Kat walked towards a tree and started scribbling something on a piece of paper. A few minutes later, a brown dog approached her and sat next to her. Kat was about to walk away when suddenly, the dog grabbed her by her paws.

”Wait, don’t go. Let me introduce myself first,” the dog told Kat.

But Kat flinched before he could say anything. Kat ran at the speed of a bullet train and without realising where she was going, she fell into a huge lake. Kat could not swim and thus, struggling to stay afloat. She cried for but none of the other pets were brave enough to swim. Just then, the same dog Kat met jumped into the lake and pulled her out. Kat was shivering and the dog comforted her.

”Are you alright?” he asked worriedly.

Kat nodded and thanked him. The dog introduced himself as Spot because of the numerous brown spots on his body. He carried Kat in his back and took her home.

”Thank you for saving my life. I’m sorry for ignoring you,” Kat apologised.

Spot understood what Kat was going though. He knew how shy and insecure she was around people. He hugged Kat and she hugged him back.j

Well, 5 months later after knowing each other, the two of them had a wedding and soon, they had their first baby boy, which was a puppy and they named him Puppy. Spot and Kat adored him so much.

But something bad happened after his birth.

Continue —> Pet snatchers — King Community


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