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🐕️📦️ How do you feel about the Grow a Pet event?

Crazy Cat Lad
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Our little Pet Rescue Puppy popped in our games earlier this year.

Collect the red blocks and then wash and feed him to win Boosters and even Gold Bars!

The event is now updated to a bigger version!

When the event is live, the whole Saga map is now replaced with the Grow a Pet and you could find your levels beneath instead. Similar way when playing the Petopia event is running.

The red blocks that you collect are now automatically added to the event after every completed level. Therefore the meter in the event will progress right away when you progress. 

The chests will give you rewards automatically so you won’t miss out on any goodies from the event!

How do you feel about the Grow a Pet event in this new "maxi" version?

Anything you feel that is missing or would like to add?

Any new pets you would like to see in the event?

Is it too easy, too hard or in the right balance between fund and challenge?

Vote and comment your feedback!

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🐕️📦️ How do you feel about the Grow a Pet event? 47 votes

Petacular! I love it!
Crazy Cat LadJulie_AndrewsPummyRajPeanut7139bearwithmejeanpssiti_payungEOTheGr8MiladyRRache79tynat03DieOmimirebelchildPrincess_JessicaTwixxMixxPalash_SarmaAmoonmoonJelly_bean_heartsNico_Ggamertje 30 votes
Woof, but I would change one thing... (please comment what)
Robin_SchaechertsaytdsBQN537MountainMomleda613LadyGaivmanTaylanÖzgürPekdinçtayeba910Giselle452318ElleLeeUKsdk21766romisandpass 12 votes
I prefer to keep the Saga map and have all events under the Events tab.
SabrinaMrkellerndaozLisal6715Sparkle_4558 5 votes


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