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Pet rescue saga trouble

Egypt1966 Posts: 1 Newbie

good morning Pet rescue saga game didn't upload on Facebook 2 days now what is the problem pls? i tried in several browser no way and connection is v good ? can you help me pls ? i am frome Egypt Cairo and it s not working in all the country on Facebook ..i am one of the player who buy always gold bar frome the game and i arrived to High levels as i remember i finished 5770 or more pls hep me to solve my problem.


  • Lynette
    Lynette Posts: 4,276 Pet Rescue Moderator
    edited September 24

    Hi @Egypt1966, welcome to the Pet Rescue Community.

    I think there must have been a facebook update recently which affected the game 😕

    Did you try logging out of facebook then back in again?

    It is probably also worth checking your facebook game app settings.

    Go to your facebook app settings (linked below)

    1. Make sure your game is set to 'active' 

    2. Click 'view and edit' for the game to make sure it has access to your friends list.

    3. Scroll down the linked page to your Preferences

    Make sure both 'Apps, websites and games' and 'Game and app notifications' are turned ON


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