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Pet Rescue Saga Levels 6733 to 6882

Lynette Posts: 6,284 Pet Rescue Moderator
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Need Help with how to play a Pet Rescue Saga Level? 

Choose the Episode you need from the list below, then click to go directly to it and watch video examples for tips and inspiration.

Episode 451 (Levels 6733-6747)

Episode 452 (Levels 6748-6762)

Episode 453 (Levels 6763-6777)

Episode 454 (Levels 6778-6792)

Episode 455 (Levels 6793-6807)

Episode 456 (Levels 6808-6822)

Episode 457 (Levels 6823-6837)

Episode 458 (Levels 6838-6852)

Episode 469 (Levels 6853-6867)

Episode 460 (Levels 6868-6882)

We hope this helps. Good luck  😺

If you have a question about our tutorial videos, would like a written guide to any level, notice a level has changed or anything else, please let us know here!


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