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🌷I cannot harvest my crops in Petopia

Lynette Posts: 6,336 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited May 13 in Discussions

Hi Pet Rescuers,

Some players are finding that they are unable to harvest their crops when they click 'collect' in the game.

The gamemakers apologise for any inconvenience caused. The good news is that the studio is already hard at work on a fix. Please be patient, they’re doing their best to resolve the problem quickly for you.

Meanwhile, please keep trying to harvest your crops - it might take multiple taps over the garden beds, but you should be able to harvest them eventually.

I also find that zooming in on the crops can make it easier to hit the right spot, (which can be on the crops themselves, not the 'collect' button) to get them harvested!

We’ll keep you updated in this thread, so check back for any news 🙂

More information can also be found here: Under Investigation: I cannot harvest my vegetables in Petopia



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