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How to pass Pet Rescue Saga Level 7525

Lynette Posts: 6,365 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited June 18 in Support

Hi everyone,
Many of you are having trouble with Level 7525, it is a tricky level, but can be passed without needing boosters or extra moves.

We have had levels like this before, where there is something specific that triggers the pets falling.
In level 7525 removing virus blocks (the round green multiplying ones) makes the Pets fall.

Each time the board is completely free of viruses another Pet will drop…with another virus!

Remove the virus blocks again to drop another Pet and continue until you have all six!
(Note, virus blocks can be removed by matching or use a line blaster or rocket booster)

It saves on moves to wait until you have six Pets and then drop them down to be rescued.
See the example below, I hope it helps 😸



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