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🐕️ Pet Rescue Saga Events and Challenges

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Hi Rescuers ❤️

We have different fun Events and Challenges to earn Boosters, Unlimited lives and Gold Bars some of these are Mystery Mountain, Weather Alert, Critter Carnival and Panda Party .

Weather Alert

The Weather Alert event is a limited time event where you have the chance to win rewards.

The Weather Alert will only last for a set period of time.

When the event is taking place, you will see the game in the 'events' section on your screen with a timer which lets you know that you can take part in the event and for how long.

Click on the Weather Alert in your game events section to play.

At the moment the Weather Alert is released every Monday and can be played until Wednesday.

Sometimes it is a sunny day on Pet Island

How do I take part?

To save the Pets from the Weather you need to complete 10 Levels.

There are no limits on how many tries it takes to pass a level in the Weather Alert.

At Levels 3, 6 and 10 there are rewards to collect!

See our Weather Alert tutorials here, these are updated weekly to help you get through any tricky Levels!

Critter Carnival

Step right up to the Critter Carnival! It’s a special event that only visits Pet Island every so often. 

When you buy tickets to take part in the Critter Carnival, you complete attractions to increase your rewards. 

Often the first try each week offers you free tickets.

After that, using Silver Coins or Gold Bars, you can purchase tickets for the Critter Carnival. 

Once inside the Carnival, you will play levels (separate from your main progression) to increase the size of your reward.

The Levels in Critter Carnival are random Levels from the main game.

With each level you pass without losing a life, the bigger the chest grows. 

Once you’ve completed all the levels and your chest is as big as it can get, you can claim your reward!

At the moment the Critter Carnival appears in the game on Wednesdays and can be played until Friday.

Mystery Mountain

By scaling the towering Mystery Mountain you can free the cute critters from capture and secure yourself a bundle of rewards!

Placed at intervals on the Mystery Mountain map, you'll need to climb through the map by passing the levels and reach the top to gather your grand-prize.  

This challenge is more than a little tricky though, as you'll need to make sure you pass all the levels using only one life. No level restarts or fails allowed!

If you fail a Level you will side all the way back down the Mountain to the first Level.

When the Mystery Mountain is available to climb, you will see the game in the 'events' section on your screen with a timer which lets you know that you can take part in the event and for how long.

You can win boosters, gold bars and even unlimited lives in the game, so everything to play for! Pet-tacular!

At the moment the Mystery Mountain has 5 different Mountains for you to climb each weekend.

That is 25 Levels! Luckily because it is divided into 5 Mountains, you only fall to the beginning of the Mountain you are on if you fail a Level.

If you need help with the Mountain Levels we have tutorials here, these are updated weekly.

Panda Party

Panda Party is a way to gain extra prizes in Pet Rescue Saga. Panda will leave a few little surprises on your map for you to collect. 

Panda Party is an Event that you can play alongside your main game progression. 

When will I see it?

You’ll know the Panda Party is on when you see 3 gifts on your main map, ahead of your progression. This shows you that there’s rewards up ahead. You can click on the gifts to see what’s inside and how long is left for you to collect them. 

What do I have to do?

You have to reach the level where the gift is to claim it. You do not have to complete the level but simply arrive there and the gift is awarded. 

After you’ve reached the third gift, the Event will be finished. Thankfully, it won’t be the last time Panda drops gifts for you though… 

What will I win?

There’s a chance to win many prizes from 2 to 6 hours of unlimited lives to multiple Boosters!


If you don't see the event, make sure to update your game to the latest game version. If you still don't see it, then please note that at the moment, the event is not only available to everyone as our sweet Game Studio is making sure it works smoothly. But don't despair, it will probably be coming to your game at some other time.


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