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 🗺️ 🐕️ Pet Rescue Saga, Match the Map Contest (finished)

Lynette Posts: 6,212 Pet Rescue Moderator
edited May 2022 in Contests

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Some of my favorite things in Pet Rescue Saga are getting a new episode...and opening a new map within the game!

This contest celebrates the names and pictures associated with game maps.

In the picture below you will see 6 map names and 6 map pictures.

Match the Name with the picture like this,

Map name 1 (Animal Kingdom) belongs with picture A

answer: 1A

List all 6 answers in a spoiler, in the comments below (so other plays cannot see your answer)

⭐️ Chosen randomly, 5 lucky players who answer correctly, will get 20 Gold Bars in their Pet Rescue Saga Game

This contest ends at 1400 Central European Time on 6th April 2022

You’ll find terms and conditions here



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