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🌳🏠️🐕️🥕 Petopia Quiz - Win Gold Bars with your Petopia knowledge!

Crazy Cat Lad
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Win Gold Bars with your Petopia skills!

Are you a Petopia master and Pet Rescue Saga expert?

Then you'll have the chance to win Gold Bars to your game.

Simply answer our three questions about Spring Petopia by commenting the answers here below on the thread.

Which of the plants can you NOT grow in Spring Petopia?

A Apples

B Carrots

C Tulips

When is the Spring Market open?

A Every day at noon

B Monday to Friday

C Sundays

At what City Level can you get your Spring Petopia badge in Community?

A 5

B 20

C 50

30 Gold Bars to win!

Five players who got all three questions correct will win 30 Gold Bars to their game when the contest ends.

Make sure to post your answer by 29 April to not miss the chance to win the Gold Bars.

More Spring Petopia in the Community!

Check all info and new features in Spring Petopia HERE!

Claim your Spring Petopia badge HERE!

You have until Friday 29 April 2022 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET to participate and win the Gold Bars. You’ll find all terms and conditions here.

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