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What's the Cat's names in the game? Win Gold Bars if you can guess! (finished)

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You have probably met these two cute fellows when playing Pet Rescue Saga, but do you know what their names are? 

Vote and comment here below which you think the two names are and get the chance to win Gold Bars if you guess right!

The winning team will win 350 Gold Bars to share. Meaning 350 Gold Bars are to be shared among all the players that voted for the correct names.

Remember to both vote and comment to participate in the competition and get the chance to get your share of the Gold Bars.  

You have until Wednesday 14 august 2019 12:00 CET to participate and the Terms and Conditions are right here.

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What's the Cat's names in the game? Win Gold Bars if you can guess! (finished) 66 votes

Ginger & Becky
FionaMariela-4pinky9517Lavenderruiva001Lilian888swtnyumyTillyWhittlenorm3636koliver003Ajul 11 votes
Nero & Violet
AasntbSavieeDianaCarolamber76KETTIEPIE99elizadillyshonshonspapadig14porterbutler 9 votes
Sinbad & Sandy
Lynette12monty34cdstilkeyterritucker47pchaney777KitKathySuzyQ1latoyanTtbirdrickimoen0829 9 votes
Cleo & Cookie
Eiliesha_JarmanStefan_BAlJaneden4lin197Stefanie_KeyesAnnie_SoutterBernadetta_Nowakkrowe4745heidib52joyashbe59LeonyshirlzshroomsgrlshebluntluanacbcareiningtinakLadynamastedavahotmailNetNurse 32 votes
Panthera & Leo
smokypat73wormieRozalindianesilva50lorrainek 5 votes


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