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Game Problems with Pet Rescue Saga

DooDropDooDrop Posts: 2 New Bee
I have been playing Pet Rescue Saga for several years. Recently, I began experiencing game problems on both of my King accounts with the shape and sizes of the Boosters changing on me in mid- game.  I do not understand why I am getting these changes without doing an app update in the App Store! And the Mountain Event on one of my game accounts all of a sudden changed last week to extremely hard levels (once past the baby octopus ones) And, when I submitted a ticket to C.S. last week about it, they said they had no control over the levels on the event. YET, this weekend  I found that my 2nd game Account has now also been changed to extremely hard levels & I believe it was changed as a direct result of my Ticket on the 1st game Account. Is anyone else having similar issues and give help or advice?


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